Who We Are


The Visual Resistance (TVR) is a superforce of creative activists united to resist oppression and imagine a liberated future.

What connects us:

  • Love and solidarity
  • ­

  • Belief in the power of images to build bridges, connect communities, and contribute to justice when connected to greater movement building
  • An understanding that images have contributed to both problems and solutions in our culture.
  • A commitment to resist acts of oppression that threaten our communities, by following the leadership of those of us who are most impacted.­
  • A shared need to channel our skills and energies into concrete resistance activities and use our powers for good.


  • Produce media of value to resistance movements
  • Create a flexible platform/space where people who are organizing all kinds of projects/conversations involving visual media can connect with people who want to help.
  • Support our people most affected by oppressive policies working alongside our people who want to help.
  • Give our people an outlet for dealing with the anxiety and energies of the times by contributing something useful to organized resistance.
  • Support independently driven projects + initiate production of projects needed by movements.
  • Create a beloved community in the process that is mindful of each others situations and globally conscious

Why This / Why Now

We are living through revolutionary times. In an already tense climate of social advances and related backlash, our government-elect threatens to set back hard-earned advances made by movements for black and immigrant lives and transgender liberation (among others), and terribly increases existing threats against civil liberties, Muslim/Arab/South Asian and undocumented individuals, and the earth itself. The election of a far-right regime has also catalyzed a mass awakening to white supremacy and the realities of current systems – truths that have been known by some for centuries, but were diminished in many others’ awareness.

As the upcoming ICP exhibition Perpetual Revolution demonstrates — it’s not protest or oppression that has changed — it’s our access to information, and the technology to distribute it ourselves. What we are collectively learning about centuries of genocide, enslavement, and its modern iterations has ushered in an era of difficult truth with little reconciliation.

It is our job as informed, engaged citizens to step up in this moment and do our part to bring about the world we would rather see. To move beyond reflection into a practice of doing. To resist the threats that will steadily emerge from this government-elect against the people and liberties and planet we hold dear.

Since its inception, visual media has played a role in upholding structural racism. White supremacy in mass media has always been visible to those who were left out of dominant image culture, and its tentacles continue to thread their way through our culture. Many advances have been made through the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other efforts, but the work is far from over.

The Visual Resistance is committed to transforming the culture of images and image-making, by working with intention, in partnership with our communities, rather than seeing them as side characters or subjects to be viewed with journalistic distance. By reaching into our own selves and communities for leadership and developing the images of our hearts. We will use our visionary abilities to help people imagine what a better world could look like, and to swiftly address hate crimes and other imminent threats.