Active Work Groups

Active Work Groups

NOTE: If you have an idea for a group you’d like to facilitate, please add it below, list yourself as a contact, and drop a note to Quito

TVR : Monthly Web TV series

TVR will be an upbeat, down-to-earth web-TV series that pulls together videos produced or supported by the Visual Resistance, livecast each month from the TVR forum. Learn more about how the show comes together & opportunities to get involved.

System Reboot / Imagine Liberation

How do existing alternative models and community wisdom come together to create immediate social intervention now, and to generate a vision of the future that honors and respects all life? Thinking through everyday actions we can take to remove ourselves from damaging systems. Also: how are we using our image power to create our own alternate means of, and for, representation? To affirm these, and more, values? Tonight’s conversation will include a discussion of the visual needs for the upcoming “Imagine Liberation” session on 3/15, which begins to imagine a better world through positive, hopeful visions of the future. What does prison abolition look like? What does collective liberation look like? This work will eventually take the form of a TV series or movie set in the world we imagine together.

Visual Resistance in the Streets

Consider the possibilities of direct protest art, (as well as other examples of public resistance art: wheat-pasting, murals, etc.) for upcoming mobilizations and street protests in support of various issues and movements from immigration to racial justice to climate justice. Let’s think about how to support our communities in the reclamation of public spaces to help build movements and shift culture. Frame: We understand that the problems we face are not distinct from one another, that our grievances are connected, and that we are likewise connected across movements, causes, ideologies, and communities. The story-telling that happens in the streets, whether it’s signs and banners or murals and stickers, are all part of deepening and strengthening our resistance.

Movement Building Team

The Visual Resistance was created to support frontline communities under attack by the new administration : Muslim people, undocumented immigrants, black people, LGBTQI+ and transgender people, people dependent on government assistance, the earth itself. This is a good group for people who are new to these movements and want to learn more. We are forming a team that will fan out across NYC to meetings and organizing led by vulnerable communities, and serve as a bridge between the needs and concerns those communities face and TVR artists who want to help.

Building a Beloved Community

How are we building community through our work as the Visual Resistance? The Visual Resistance is a group still in formation, as we come together to combine our talents to amplify our voices and make greater change possible. We know the changes we want to see could take a lifetime to achieve. This group will consider a reading on Dr. King’s philosophy of building a beloved community. What do we make of these ideas in today’s context? How does this theory translate into practice at TVR? More practically : How do we welcome new people to the Visual Resistance? How do we help people find their way into projects & roles that are meaningful to them? How are we supporting both our people & frontline communities through our work? Are we a collective of collectives?

Fun With Lightning Bolts

Look how cute our logo is! What can we do with it? How do we brand our movement/all resistance movements to keep people engaged and excited, and create visible cohesion? How can we encourage artists to make their own versions of our logo, so it goes viral? Is there merch we can make that can also help raise funds for to keep work flowing?