The Visual Resistance is building a community of commited activists within the greater Resistance family. We aspire to be a well-coordinated hub for visually-based activism (visuals/media/images/film/etc) in NYC and eventually, nationally and globally. Our projects respond to current attacks, reclaim stories of the past, and re-imagine the future.

Community Action Forums

Community-building gatherings of creative activists from across NYC hosted by leading cultural institutions. Provide space for current conversations and ongoing work groups. Share resources, learn about each other’s work, get a better sense of our intersections, discover ways to join forces, and grow stronger together.

The Visual Resistance News

A queer-led, upbeat, down-to-earth web-TV series, compiles original segments made by artists from across the country including rants, reports, speeches, poetry, music videos, self care strategies and more, layered with graphics and animations, edited together as an informative, intersectional and inspirational monthly mix tape. Pilot episode coming soon!


Free access to digital workspace, scanning, and subsidized printing every Friday night 6-9:30 at the ICP School. In development: an idea to formalize the TVR Lab as home to a youth-led post-production team.

Imagine Liberation

A TV series in development set in a sustainable future beyond current systems, to show the public that another way of living is possible. The future we imagine is rooted in collective attempts at liberation & lessons learned, ancestral and indigenous knowledge crossed with the realities of 2017, and inspiring models & movements from around the world. Our System Reboot working groups identifies ways people can make change in their daily lives to divest from current systems.

Coming Soon

American History Revisited: The Suppressed & Undocumented

Revisit, reclaim, and un-whitewash concepts in American history with an emphasis on histories of resistance and/or subjects with relevance to current power structures or incorrigible issues.

A Core Collective

We meet to provide oversight, refine and debate strategies and coordinate TVR activities with greater movement building.