Project Ideas

Ideas for Visual Resistance Projects

Image Production

● Rapid response / Movement support (eg. documentation of hate crimes)
● Creative images that visualize a better world in a tangible way or provide hope
● In-depth documentary projects with an emphasis on the root causes of harm, and/or positive alternatives that people are creating themselves


● Presentations of archival images that share information about relevant historical precedents to current issues such as Japanese internment camps, forced sterilization, attacks on abortion clinics, the American Indian Movement, Black Panthers, truth & reconciliation projects in other countries, etc.
● Collecting and gathering images from other image-makers to create big-picture views of complex issues such as undocumented immigration, or oil money
● Hashtag campaigns or ongoing dedicated instagram feeds

Distribution / etc

● Social media strategies
● Creation of infographics
● Fact-checking of visual media coverage
● Writing and commentary


● Development of partnerships with allied individuals, networks, institutions and creative outlets
● Strong partnerships with community organizations
● Ongoing maintenance of relationships with individuals and groups working in coalition